UCLA Linux User Group. Free as in Freedom.


Posted at — Jan 1, 0001


I. Account Rules

  1. No illegal activity

  2. Do not use your account for personal gain. No crypto mining, business, or commercial activity please.

  3. We do not have resource limits on our machines. That being said, please do not abuse this or your access will be revoked.

II. Lounge Rules

  1. We share the room with ACM and UPE. Please be nice to them.

  2. Don’t make a mess! Clean up after yourself.

  3. Do not leave the room unattended. Close the door when you are the last person to leave.

  4. Do not take anything from the lounge that doesn’t belong to you (unless you get permission)

III. Contact

  1. Please send an email to board@linux.ucla.edu if you have questions.