UCLA Linux User Group. Free as in Freedom.

Club Description

Posted at — Jan 1, 0001

Please give a brief, but detailed summary of your organization. Be sure to include any history of the group, a mission statement and a brief account of the student population that the organization represent.

The Linux Users Group (LUG) facilitates learning and advancement of computer science and free software by promoting the use of the open source GNU/Linux operating system and providing a support network for Linux users. There is no barrier to becoming a member; consequently, the LUG consists of students, non-students, inexperienced, and experienced alike. The LUG has been a group at UCLA for over 25 years, during which time it has helped expose free software to many people.

Please explain the benefit students may derive from your organization. Include how your group stimulates discussion, benefits education, or provides enrichment of any kind.

The LUG maintains a Linux computer lab and servers that host various digital services, which people can use to help familiarize themselves with Linux and other standardized technologies. The LUG is a constant source of Linux assistance to anybody that is in need. The LUG holds talks and presentations introducing various topics in computer science. Sometimes, group members engage in conversations surrounding the politics and economics of Linux.

Please describe the goals of your organization.

The goals of the LUG at UCLA parallels the goals of the thousands of other LUGs around the globe: to provide support and/or education for Linux users, both inexperienced and experienced. LUG at UCLA, being a university LUG, has secondary goals that are more student-oriented: to help with Linux-related coursework.