UCLA Linux User Group. Free as in Freedom.

LUG Constitution

Posted at — Jan 1, 0001

Article 1. Name

This organization shall be referred to as the Linux Users Group at the University of California, Los Angeles (LUG@UCLA). The University of California, Los Angeles will hereafter in this document be referred to as “UCLA,” or “the University.”

Article 2. Statement of Purpose

Linux is both a powerful, freely-available computer operating system and a fascinating sociological event with few parallels, the product of an international programmer community that exists independently of any national boundaries.

The LUG@UCLA’s purpose is to facilitate learning, creativity, and the advancement of computer science. To accomplish this goal, LUG@UCLA promotes the use of the Linux operating system at UCLA by encouraging its use among students, faculty, staff, and University departments; by providing a support network for Linux users; and by building a library of Linux- related materials.

In attempting to promote the use of Linux, we also encourage programming under this operating system in the form of student-coordinated projects. LUG@UCLA student projects must benefit the UCLA community, the Linux community, or any subsets of the two. All software produced under the auspices of LUG@UCLA shall be distributed under the GNU General Public License, or the GNU Lesser General Public License, as appropriate.

The group will have any number of projects being worked on at a given time, each with its own methods of organization and responsibility. The sole limitation on such projects is that they fall within the rules and focus of LUG@UCLA.

Article 3. Membership

Section 1. General Membership

LUG@UCLA grants membership to anyone who asks for it. There shall be no membership fee or interviews.

Section 2. Policy of Non-discrimination

LUG@UCLA, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University Policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or status as a veteran of the Armed Forces.

LUG@UCLA also prohibits sexual harassment. This non-discrimination policy covers organization membership, access to organization programs and activities, and the general treatment of members in the organization.

Article 4. Offices and Elections

LUG@UCLA shall operate on a collaborative style of leadership, employing one President, three Vice-Presidents, and one Treasurer. LUG@UCLA shall elect officers once per academic year or as necessary. Only members currently enrolled as UCLA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to hold office. All members of the group are allowed to vote in elections of the LUG@UCLA.

We will use the approval voting system. Voters select which candidates they approve of (they can select multiple), and the candidate with the most approvals wins.

Ties will be broken by a game of SuperTuxKart.


This individual is the official liaison to the University, handles all school administrative issues, and is responsible for the group, its regular LUG or Officer meetings, dealing with other clubs, giving direction on LUG activity projects, and the delegation of tasks to be carried out on behalf of the LUG. This individual is one of the 3 signatories at club registration time.

Vice President / External

This officer handles corporate relations, letters of thanks, company visits, guest speakers, room reservations, and arranging for a food sponsor at Installfests, etc. This individual is one of the 3 signatories at club registration time.

Vice President / Marketing

The Marketing Director is responsible for the general improvement of the groups’s reputation and profile through advertisement and other means, organizing materials & club T-shirts for quarterly events & resource fairs, directing publicity for the LUG, and growing LUG identity and spirit.

Vice President / Internal

Internally, this person is responsible for the System Admin in the Lug lounge, general hardware upkeep and maintenance of the Lounge and its appearance, and is general ombudsman.


The treasurer transfers LUG student club account funds and clears reimbursements. This person handles any financial matters, including making financial records available to authorized University officials upon request. This individual is one of the 3 signatories at club registration time. Leadership will act analogous to package maintainers in the open-source world. Anyone in the club is free to submit “patches” to the club. Officers should be involved in any meaningful changes to the club, but should not have absolute authority on patches to the club.

Article 5. Meetings

LUG@UCLA shall hold general meetings at least once a quarter. The meetings shall be open to the public—membership is not a requisite to attend.

Article 6. Amendments to the Constitution

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Membership at a General Meeting or a Special Meeting called for the purpose of voting to amend the constitution.

Article 7. Provision to Make Financial Records Available

Financial records can be made available to University Officials upon request. Said requests can be submitted electronically via email and must provide a detailed description of the type of records requested.